Have them scanned

Together with Arne Cosyns & Thomas Rodrigue, friends and founders of Tietje, we are organizing also this year a breast cancer awareness campaign in October, International Breast Cancer Awareness Month: "Have them scanned!".

Because self-examination and screening are crucial in order to detect breast cancer early and significantly increase the chances of full recovery and cure.

And we want to do this especially with focus on a younger target group under 50, because it is precisely this target group that falls outside the existing screening programs and we have seen that breast cancer is increasingly affecting younger generations.

How do we do this?

The labels of the Tietje bottles were changed in the colors of Beautiful After Breast Cancer, our BABC logo was added and the QR code on the bottle, when scanned, redirects the user to a page with more information about breast cancer and the importance of self-examination and screening.

In addition, we worked with Tietje to design a unique coaster for your Tietje. Tietje's slogan "Just give me two!" thus took on a whole new meaning. Upon scanning the QR code on the coaster, you will again be taken to an info page. You may soon find these coasters in your favorite bar/cafe with a Tietje of course;-)


But more importantly:

Our new 'Have them scanned' campaign

To draw extra attention to the importance of self-examination, we are joining forces, together with Tietje, with the City of Ghent's Green Service and some well-known Flemish faces. Daan Hugaert, better known as Eddy from ‘Thuis’ and Darya Gantura, the lead from the telenovela Ella.

Together with you we would like to transform a tree in the Citadel Park in Ghent into a Tietjes tree. During the month of October we will be selling Tietjes beach balloons on which you can have a personal message printed. The unveiling of the tree with all the sold beach balloons is planned for October 30 at 15h (3pm).

Will you participate like Daan and Darya? Would you like to donate too?

You can do so as follows:

1. Surf to 


2. Buy your Tietjes beach ball (15 EUR) - all proceeds go to Beautiful After Breast Cancer

3. Leave your name and personal message to be put on the ball

4. Come to the unveiling at Citadel Park on Sunday, October 30 at 15h (3pm)

Find more info on breast cancer and the importance of self-examination and screening here