How you can support Beautiful A.B.C.?

Why donate?

Giving to others brings about true happiness and makes you live longer. This has been scientifically proven. Just watch the video below: 


How to donate

Make a financial donation.

As a fully accredited non profit organisation, your donation to Beautiful A.B.C. may be fully tax deductible. We provide our donors with certification of their contribution within Belgium for donations over 40€.

Persons living outside of Belgium and desiring a certification, please contact us directly.

If you live outside of Belgium and do not desire a certification you can transfer the gift directly to our account below.


Account number for gifts:

In Belgium:

Beautiful After Breast Cancer Foundation, De Gerlachekaai 20, B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
BE50 7350 3764 8718
Tax certificate at 40€ and more.



There are many ways in which you can help and support us. Financial support is crucial to make changes – but so is manpower. We need many of you! If you are interested in donating, volunteering, fundraising or helping to organize one of our events, please contact us. And of course there is something you can do right now: Reach out to women you know who are impacted by breast cancer. Forward the link to our website, where they can find important information about the disease and treatment options as well as information on breast reconstruction.

For any further information on donations please contact Mr. Johan Vandeweghe at:

There are several ways to help and support us. We differentiate 6 categories. Please feel free to choose any means that suit you or your company:


Corporate Funding

Corporate In-kind


Event Funding

Event In-kind


Individual Funding