Thank you Altijd Mooi

Driven by the unconditional preservation of femininity, Altijd Mooi strives to keep the physical and mental well-being as high as possible of women affected by breast cancer.

Among other things, Always Beautiful assists them in care with a wide range of products (lingerie, swimwear, breast prostheses, and wigs). These are offered by experienced experts who use a warm and pleasant approach, making attention to personal needs even more important.
Hoping to boost the general well-being of breast cancer patients all over Flanders, they are active in every province and are happy to help you to shine again in all positivity.
We are very grateful for the exemplary cooperation with Altijd Mooi in the context of our events, where they always make a valuable contribution to the welfare of breast cancer patients. We also wish to thank Altijd Mooi for their generous support to the Beautiful After Breast Cancer Foundation, with a charitable contribution of 10,000 Euros.